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Top-class car waxing

We appreciate all clients whose vehicles are always in top-class condition. What is more, our teams know that it really demands a lot of constant devotion and care.

Knowing this, we carefully tailored our car waxing activities. Their aim is to make a vehicle look truly new-like at any moment. It is vital to clean your car and dry it completely before the wax application. We perform car waxing in a garage to prevent direct sunlight interferes with the wax.

Our staff consists of well-organized and skilled technicians who try to meet clients’ needs and perform the best car polish. As our client, you can be sure that our car polishing technologies are great protection that adds a lasting value to your car. We use special car polishing compounds that are applied by pro users only.

Car waxing is a service that has to be done by experienced professionals. We are there to answer what car wax is and what are the benefits of its application.

For us, car wax is a must and one of the necessary car detailing activities. In the process of auto waxing, we use a special wax with added solvents and oils. Car waxing creates a significant barrier that protects a vehicle from the UV rays, water, and unwanted particles from the air.

We use a professional ceramic coating to cover our clients’ cars with a second layer. This coating is clear and doesn’t affect the automobile’s paintwork. It is true protection against numerous issues and acts as a shield against problems that degrade a car’s appearance.

The ceramic coatings we use include nanotechnology with tiny particles. They create a fine layer that is thin and invisible to the naked eye. The professional ceramic coating we suggest includes glass, ceramic, or quartz.

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